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Lightly Used Lumicon 2" Multiple Filter Selector

Comes with T-Threads and an Adapter to fit SCT Threads. Includes FIVE Standard 2" Filters (#25 Red, #56 Green, #15 Yellow, #82 Blue and a 25% Neutral Density Filter) that were purchased separately ($325 total cost new).

Lumicon's 2" Multiple Filter Selector allows you to switch back and forth between 2" filters without having to thread and un-thread them from your eyepieces or diagonal. Leaving one of the positions open lets you compare views with and without filters. May be positioned before or after diagonal. Made from solid aircraft aluminum.

The 2" Multiple Filter Selector accepts Standard 2" Filters (48 x 0.75mm threads), 4 Filter Positions, 45mm Clear aperture, 2"-male nose piece on telescope-side with safety-groove, SCT male threads (not visible in photo) on eyepiece side, Includes 2" Eyepiece holder (Lumicon LA1065), Built-in light baffles, Weighs only 8oz
2.62" Optical path length, Accepts filter cells up to 0.225" tall (above threads), Works on all SCT's.

$200 Contact me by email for additional information.

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Posted Until: 6/22/2015


Revised: May 18, 2011.

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