Siegfried Jachmann

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Siegfried Jachmann
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Summer 1999

Robby, Becky & Siegfried in the backyard with the 9" 1915 refractor
Robby, Becky & Siegfried in the backyard with the 9" 1915 refractor.

Close up of the back end of the 9" Clark refractor.

June 21-23, 2001

001 - June 21
Corina, Becky & my brother Bruno.  Getting ready to leave for Lowell Observatory.

002 - June 21
My friends from the AOL Planetarium Chat Room.  Front row: Jim, Gail, Jim, Grace, Corina, Becky, me, Bruno.  Back: Sue

003 - June 22
Approaching the meteor crater.  The crater walls are visible in the background.

004 - June 22
Main entrance to the visitors' center.

005 - June 22
Becky w/ a 1,406 pound chunk of the Barringer Meteorite, the largest single piece ever found there.

006 - June 22
The crater.  That's us (Becky, Corina & me) on the lower level.


.June 21-23, 2001, cont.'

007 - June 22
At the Grand Canyon with Dean Kettleson, organizer of the GCSP South Rim. Taken Friday night under heavy cloud cover & strong winds. No star party that night!

008 - June 23
On the road to Lowell Observatory. The 24" dome can be seen through the tree line.

009 - June 23
At the entry sign.

010 - June 23
Lowell Observatory visitor center.

011 - June 23
From 9:30 - 10:00 Lowell provides this scope for solar viewing. It has a hydrogen alpha filter attached for prominence viewing.

012 - June 23
Skeleton of a 42" Clark reflector set just behind the visitor center. Notice the nearly clear sky and dry sidewalks. (Becky, Corina, Bruno)

013 - June 23
On the way up to see the big scope.

014 - June 23
Originally the dome was floated on salt water. After only 2 days it leaked and that system was replaced. The water damage stains remain.

June 21-23, 2001, cont.'

015 - June 23
Part of the tour showing off the 24" telescope. This is a sight!

016 - June 23
Corina & me in front of the 24" observatory.

017 - June 23
Percival Lowell's burial spot is just outside the 24" dome. He is not buried "in" the pier.

018 - June 23
Becky, Bruno, Corina & Scott Crosby in front of the 13" Pluto discovery observatory.

019 - June 23
Becky, Dave Dunn & Carol Priest walking back past the Rotunda that was Percival Lowell's office. It was starting to rain.

020 - June 23
Nate Goodman & Scott Crosby in front of the same 42" reflector after the tour and rain. Just an hour or 2 after the 1st picture of this scope we've had rain, hail & a lightning storm. The sky is still completely covered, looking bad...

021 - June 23
At Bill & Lois Kelley's lovely home in Cottonwood, AZ

022 - June 23
Dave Bernson looking
at M-5

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