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Star Party "Services"


The Salt Lake Astronomical Society hosts over 30 free public star and Sun parties each year at locations in the Salt Lake Valley, it's observatory in Stansbury Park and at Bryce Canyon National Park.  Many of these events include talks on various astronomical topics, some of which can be used to help qualify participants for scout award programs.

Information on our free programs can be found at and

In addition to our large offering of free programs, we also offer special paid programs which can be held at our observatory or at the venue of the sponsor's choice.

Specifics for each event will vary but the following is a rough idea of what is available.  For exact details check with our Special Star Party Coordinator Rodger Fry at 801.288.0851 or

Star Parties at Public Schools:

Free with a minimum suggested donation of $100.

Special Star Parties at the Observatory:

$100 for the first of the 3 observatory telescopes.
 $50 for each additional observatory telescope.
 $25 each for portable telescopes.

Star Parties at Sponsor's Location:

$25 per telescope plus mileage.

Star parties can only be scheduled if equipment and adequate SLAS volunteers are available.
Star parties can only be held if the weather permits.
Groups with children must provide at least one adult for each 15 children.
We recommend no more than 25 people per telescope.
All money for special star parties will be paid to the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization.


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