Stansbury Park Observatory Complex 3 (SPOC 3)
200 mm Refractor Observatory
Inception Through Getting the Floor Ready to Pour
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001 - 12 OCT 2002

Ron Ford took this photo of SPOC from above.  Current plans have the refractor observatory being built to the left of the Harmons observatory where the old SPOC dome currently sits.

002- 30 NOV 2003

Bruce Grim built this model showing how the observatory will look.  Note that the old SPOC dome will be used in keeping with the wishes of the surrounding community.  However, it will not rotate and the shutter will be welded shut.  As the model shows, to expose the telescope to the sky the dome will roll off to the north.  When closed the inside of the dome will double as a projection screen for a simple planetarium star projector so the public can be shown during daylight what they'll be seeing that night.

003 - 30 NOV 2003

An early and preliminary drawing showing a front view of the observatory (PDF file).

004 - 30 NOV 2003

An early and preliminary drawing showing a top view of the observatory (PDF file).

005 - 30 NOV 2003

Kim Hyatt, Patrick Wiggins, Ken Harris, Boyd McNeil Andy Bogdan and Bruce Grim meet to discuss the new building.

006 - 30 NOV 2003

Project architect Kim Hyatt (Left) explains a preliminary set of drawings.

007 - 09 DEC 2003

Bruce Grim, Patrick Wiggins and Roger Butz struggle to load the refractor mount onto the truck.

008 - 09 DEC 2003

Bruce Grim and Roger Butz use a winch to unload the refractor mount.

009 - 09 DEC 2003

Bruce Grim with the refractor mount.  Once he does a little cosmetic work on the mount it will be moved to SPOC.


SLAS Sec/Treas Charlie Green receives a $12,500 check for the Refractor House from SLAS member Siegfried Jachmann as SLAS president Ken Harris looks on. The check was a donation from Leucadia Corporation. 23 MAR 2004

011 to 015
Planting the light shield hedge (aka biophoton shield) around the SPOC perimeter and weeding the existing hedge. Wayne Clarke and Daniel Turner also helped but managed to avoid getting their pictures taken. 17 APR 2004


Boyd McNeil


Patrick Wiggins


Roger Butz & Ken Harris


Ann House, Ken Harris & Boyd McNeil


A bit of weeding


Bruce Grim & Quintin Foster

016 to 019 SPOC committee members meet with Roen Hale who agreed to help locate the steel that will be needed for the Refractor House at a good price. 21 APR 2004


Andy Bogdan, Ken Harris, Bruce Grim and Roen Hale


Roen Hale, Siegfried Jachmann and Kim Hyatt


Roen Hale & Siegfried Jachmann


Siegfried Jachmann & Patrick Wiggins

020 & 021 Donation presentation at the 27 April 2004 SLAS general meeting.


SPOC Committee Chairman Siegfried Jachmann "accepts" a donation check for $7,500 from Patrick Wiggins for the Refractor House as SLAS president Ken Harris looks on.


Patrick Wiggins presents a donation check for $7,500 for the Refractor House to SPOC Committee Chairman Siegfried Jachmann as SLAS president Ken Harris looks on.

Moving the dome aside in preparation for start of construction. 05 MAY 2004


Roger Butz, Boyd McNeil and Ron Ford help with emptying the dome (it had been used as a storage facility for nearly 2 years).


Ron Ford, Dave Bennett, Andy Bogdan, Ken Harris, Bruce Grim and Roger Butz finding out a _lot_ had been stored in the dome.


Kim Hyatt & Dave Bennett salvage usable parts from the structure that once held the very first SPOC telescope.


Dave Bennett jacks up one side of the dome.


Andy Bogdan, Patrick Wiggins and Wayne Clarke jack up the other side of the done. Ron Ford image.


It was found that more mass was needed on the lever. Ron Ford image.


Placing the rails. Ron Ford image.



Initial placement of the rails. Eventually used only one rail in the center. Ron Ford image.


Ropes and cables being attached to Bruce Grim's truck as Dave Bailey and Quinten Foster check to see the ropes are positioned properly on the back side of the done..


Ropes and cables attached. Ron Ford image.


The dome starts to move. Note the rails that had been installed for the dome to slide on.


A section of rail being moved from the rear to the front.


Call the astrologers! Crop circle sighted at Stansbury Park!


Dome in it's final location (for now) and being refilled.


The footers were dug today. 18 JUN 2004


This picture was taken to answer the oft asked question, "How deep was the hole for the pier?" Boyd McNeil image 18 JUN 2004


Boyd McNeil photodocuments the first day of work on the Refractor House. 18 JUN 2004


Mark Olsen, owner of I D Electric, installs electrical conduit as Bruce Grim looks on. 23 JUN 2004


Patrick Wiggins stands next to the conduit that will carry electrical power to the refractor pier. 23 JUN 2004


Bruce Grim checks the rebar. 23 JUN 2004


Site awaits arrival of the cement trucks. 23 JUN 2004


The pouring has started under the direction of Gordon Fields, owner of Fields Quality Concrete & General Construction. 24 JUN 2004


Vibration isolation pads are placed around the telescope pier's base by Gordon Fields. 24 JUN 2004

046 047

Gordon Fields smoothes out the surface. 24 JUN 2004


Foundation and floor are finished. 24 JUN 2004


The traditional inscription. This one is located between where the telescope bay's two doors will be. 24 JUN 2004

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