Stansbury Park Observatory Complex 2 (SPOC 2)
Harmons Observatory
The 81 cm (32") "Big Scope"
03DEC 2004 to Present
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The 18 point mirror support.  03 DEC 2004 Bruce Grim installs the dummy secondary.  03 DEC 2004 Patrick Wiggins bolts the truss tube to the mount.  03 DEC 2004 Boyd McNeil holds the mounting bolts in place as Bruce Grim installs counterweights.  03 DEC 2004 Nova Optics owner Steve Dodds receives payment for the primary and secondary mirrors from SPOC committee chairman Siegfried Jachmann.  11 DEC 2004
Nate Goodman, Patrick Wiggins (holding the tertiary mirror which was donated by Chuck Hards), Steve Dodds (holding the 25 cm 3x secondary mirror), Siegfried Jachmann and Mark Bloomenthal admire the new optics.  11 DEC 2004 The Big Scope's 81 cm (32") f/4 primary mirror.  11 DEC 2004 Siegfried Jachmann and Mark Bloomenthal stand next to the Big Scope with its newly installed tertiary mirror baffle tube and primary mirror's mirror cell.  15 JAN 2005 The primary mirror is lifted into place.  02 FEB 2005 Official First Light Night. 03 FEB 2005 Joe Bauman (SLAS member and Deseret News reporter) interviews Siegfried Jachmann.
Bruce Grim.  03 FEB 2005 Chuck Hards  03 FEB 2005 Guy Malmborg tries out the new eyepiece assembly (so long it requires a counterweight).  17 FEB 2005 2 80mm short tube refractor focusers have been added.  Note Bruce Grim's PVC pipe finder holders.  04 MAR 2005  

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