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Pit 'n Pole Star Party Travel Directions

Pit 'n Pole is located at 40.207277 N -112.267346 W

From I-15 get off at the Lehi exit by the Lehi Roller Mills. That is exit #279 or the UT-73 exit. Go west through Lehi on State Road 73.

Continue west on SR 73 across the Jordan River, straight through the intersection of Redwood Road (1700 W.) by Smith's, up the hill past Eagle Mountain and out to Cedar Fort.

The road will turn south for 5 miles to Fairfield. When you get to Fairfield note the turn off to Camp Floyd but donít get on it. From the Camp Floyd turn off check your mileage and follow the highway around the bend and go 4.7 miles from the Camp Floyd turn off up the hill. If it is dark when you are following these directions, you may not notice it is a long gentle hill.

At 5-mile pass you should see motorcycles and 4-wheelers having a good time (if it's light, in the dark you wonít see anything) As you top the hill at 5-mile pass you will see the a sign marking the county line between Utah County and Tooele county. The road then slopes down and curves to the North (right). From the County line go 3/10ths of a mile and turn left onto a paved road.

As you turn onto the road look at your odometer and figure out what it will be in 4.2 miles. Go west for 4.2 - 4.3 miles. You will know that you are almost there when the road turns slightly to the left (about 4 miles) and then there is a small rise in the road. After the rise, the road dips and about 100 yards or so later is another rise. Turn left (South) on the road that takes off at the top of that second rise.

Go south 4/10ths of a mile and as the road bends to the right there will be another dirt road, obscured by sage brush until you are right on it, going to the west (right). Take that road west 3/10ths of a mile until you see a pole sticking out of the ground with a pit near by. You have arrived.

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Remember to dress WARMLY! We cannot emphasize this enough. Dress like you want to go night skiing and you might be comfortable. Hats, gloves, and warm boots are smart year-round. Keep in mind that you can always leave extra stuff in the car, but if you don't have enough layers, you'll be sorry!

Please use good star party etiquette; dim headlights if arriving after dark, and be sure to bring red lights for wandering between scopes, etc. so you don't spoil dark-adapted eyes.

Children of all ages are welcome as long as they are supervised and respectful; telescopes and eyepieces can be expensive!