General Meeting - Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Description: Monthly general membership meeting.
Free and open to the public.
Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

Guest speaker will be Dr. Jani Radebaugh, Planetary Scientist and BYU Professor of Geological Sciences.

Dr. Radebaugh will present: " Saturn and Titan: Looking back at the End of Cassini and ahead to the possibility of Dragonfly"

The extraordinary Cassini spacecraft ended its 13 year mission to the Saturn system in flames as it entered the atmosphere last fall. Its reach has extended across the giant planets Saturn and Jupiter, their rings, and their unique and special moons. To understand these places has required us to be ourselves explorers, ranging across the deserts of Egypt, Arabia and Persia, and over the high plateaus of the Argentine Puna. Cassini has compelled 3 generations of scientists to reach farther, to open wider and to make more imaginative our approach. Recently, we heard the news that our mission, Dragonfly, a rotorcraft lander for study of Titan's surface, has been downselected by NASA for study this year and possible selection for flight. Clues to our own origin still await in the Saturn system - and beckon us to return.
Location: Calvin L. Rampton Technology Building
Salt Lake Community College, Taylorsville Campus
4600 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
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