SLAS Yearly Astronomical Contest for 2004


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  1. (  )  Telescope Construction – best beginner effort

  2. (  )  Telescope Construction – general category

            Telescopes entered will be judged in the areas of:

a)       craftsmanship

b)       effective use of materials

c)       performance and ease of operation of the finished telescope as an overall instrument

 3. (  )  Astronomical Accessories:  Any device constructed to be used in an astronomical related application (camera, drives, observing tables, etc.).  All items entered will be judged in the areas of:

                       a) craftsmanship

                       b) effective use of materials

                       c) performance and ease of operation

           The items must be considered complete with most of the construction done during the year of 2004.

 4. (  ) Homemade Optics:  Items in this category are hand made.  They will be judged on:

                       a) quality of workmanship

                       b) general performance

 5. (  )  Star Trails/Constellation Photography

 6. (  )  Deep Sky Photography - Color

  7. (  )  Deep Sky Photography – Black and White

  8. (  )  Solar System Photography (Excludes the Moon)

  9. (  )  Comet Photography – Color

10. (  )   Comet Photography – Black and White

11. (  )   Piggy-back Photography

12. (  )   Lunar Photography

13. (  )   CCD Imaging – the imaging and photography will be judged in the following areas:

                        a) quality of the image for the aperture and focal ratio of the optics used

                        b) quality of the exposure including guiding and proper exposure setting

                        c) degree of difficulty of the subject imaged

Photographs or images submitted may be prints or slides.  Print the date of the exposure, exposure length, film type or imager data, development data, & any special techniques used on the print’s back side or on a separate sheet of paper.

14. (  )   Amateur Astronomical Art – Paintings, drawings, sculpture, macramé, etc.  The item must have been made in 2003-2004 and will be judged in the areas of:

                        a) craftsmanship

                        b) originality

                        c) appearance

                        d) non-commercial application

15. (  )   Observing Program – written documentation

            Entries will be judged in the following areas:

a)       regularity of observation

b)       existence and completeness of a log book of the observing program

c)       knowledge gained by the observer